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Keto Bacon & Egg McGriddle Alternative

Do you love McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches? What about the Bacon & Egg McGriddle in particular? I do, in fact this was one of the things I missed most being on a Ketogenic diet. Finding a Keto Bacon & Egg McGriddle alternative was now my mission.

Searching for the right Keto breakfast Sandwich

I was determined to find a way to duplicate this easily and of course great tasting. I spent days searching the internet, trying various recipes, but it was soon apparent I was going to have to come up with my own. Even though I have been cooking, inventing and reinventing dishes most of my life, making a Keto breakfast sandwich was not my idea. A quick search online will lead you to lots of different variations. So is this recipe mine? I did search and try lots of other recipes for inspiration, but no one in particular similar enough to give credit to. I spent hours experimenting with ingredients, proportions and procedures until I got it just right so yes this recipe is original to me.

The solution

This is what I eventually came up with. It is a tasty Keto Bacon and Egg McGriddle alternative to satisfy your cravings without blowing your carbs for the day. If you don’t like bacon (shame on you lol) then you can substitute sausage or ham for an equally enjoyable meal.

If you don’t already know who we are, my name is Zack. My wife, Callie and I are travel and food vloggers from Canada and would love for you to check us out and connect with us. Because we do Keto, at least most of the time, I have put together some videos to share some of my Keto friendly recipes. Be sure to check out all of our Ketogenic Low Carb food videos. If you love travel and adventure, we have lots of interesting video vlogs full of great information, reviews and tips.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do. One thing I will say about this mug bun in this recipe is that you don’t have to mix it in the mug if you are worried about it not mixing well enough. You can mix it in a bowl and then pour it into the mug. In fact, the more I make this, the more I mix it in a bowl for better consistency. If you grease the mug with butter first that is a bonus.

What if I don’t eat dairy?

We have also developed a dairy-free version of the Keto Bacon & Egg McGriddle Alternative. Callie was doing dairy free Keto for a couple of weeks so this worked great for her.

(Ghee is used to which may have some trace amounts of diary fat, so if you are very sensitive it may be a problem).

Recipe and Video links

Visit our recipe page to see the viewable / printable recipes of both versions here: https://scenicsitesandbites.com/recipes/ 

You can also check out our easy to follow You Tube videos where we show you step by step how to make this great recipe at https://youtube.com/scenicsitesandbites/ 

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