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Who is Scenic Sites and Bites?

Hi, we’re Zack and Callie. We are Canadian couple / family Travel and Food vloggers. It is our mission to provide you with real valuable content. We want to show you the places worth travelling, things worth doing, travel tips, and the best places to find good food on your travels. As food lovers, we also enjoy sharing great recipes that we have developed, including some KETO and Gluten-Free recipes. These recipes can be found for free on our website as well we have easy to follow step by step videos on how to make them. We invite you to follow us on our adventures, reviews and cooking.

Here you will find links to our YouTube videos, social media accounts, blog posts and of course you can also access free printable copies of our published recipes with links to the videos so you can see exactly how to make them. In the future we plan on having Scenic Sites and Bites branded items for sale as well so check back often.

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Great Food Finds of the World

Where can you find the best Tacos and Pina Colada’s around Cancun Mexico? Or how about the hidden gem serving amazing food in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada? Where are the best donuts in Las Vegas? Check out this video or click on the link below to see more great food finds on your next vacation.

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Travel & Explore the world

We love to travel, whether it’s close to home or overseas. While most of our videos are a couples vlog during our travel, the kids are in some of the videos as well. Our favorite travel destination is Isla Mujeres, Mexico just outside of Cancun. The beaches are amazingly perfect white sand and the waters are so clear you can see almost as clearly underwater as you can above. They also have our favorite restaurant on this lovely island.
But our travels take us to more than just Mexico. There is so much to explore and share in this world, even travelling mere minutes from our home near Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
Here is one of our travel videos to get you started. Watch this video or check out our full list of videos by clicking the link below.
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Cooking with Zack

Who likes food? Zack does, but in addition to eating good food, Zack also likes to hang out in the Kitchen preparing some of his favorite homemade Keto dishes and other family favorites.
Check out this Ketogenic Diet Bacon & Egg McGriddle alternative video. Click the link below to see the full list of Cooking with Zack videos.
Be sure to get a printable copy of your favorite recipes.

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