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A little about us.

Hi, we’re Zack and Callie. We are Canadians who love travel, good food, Keto (usually) and wine. We have 2 kids and 3 dogs and we invite you to follow us on our adventures.

We make vlog style YouTube videos, share on images and information on various social media accounts (feel free to follow us and share our posts), have a blog and also share our favorite recipes (printable) with links to the videos so you can see exactly how to make them.

In the very near future we plan on having Scenic Sites and Bites branded items for sale. To read more about us click on the link below.

About our Blog Styles

Travel Blogs

We really do love travel. Our travel blogs include our favorite places to travel, travel experiences, fun adventures, recommendations, reviews and useful travel tips.

Food Blogs

While we try to follow the Keto diet life most of the time, we don't limit our blog to only Keto. Our love of food includes all sorts of wonderful food and drinks that we hope you will enjoy.

Wine & Wine Making

We are not wine experts but we know what we like. Zack has been making wine from wine kits for years and has taken the time to learn many of the do's and don'ts of do it yourself wine making.

Finally... Our Blog Posts

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